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Welcome to the Arman Group - one of the UAE's leading building & construction companies

The Arman Group is a leading construction company in the UAE undertaking concept, design, planning and installation of major construction works. Our commitment is to quality and we accurately evaluate and interpret your needs which satisfy your requirements in an economic, efficient and innovative manner. With over 30 years of experience, we service a variety of market sectors including industrial, commercial and residential building projects.

No project too big or too small

Arman takes a holistic approach to construction. With a sizeable and experienced workforce and business assets designed to provide a complete, one-stop solution, we scale our services to suit your project requirements. Regardless of size or budget we have all the necessary experience and resources to effectively design, plan and deliver a building solution which is effective and economical.

Arman Group

Our Group and the services we provide

Building Group

Details of our core construction business

Construction Group

Our dedicated construction factory

Electrical Group

Electrical & mechanical engineering services


From commercial projects to tourism


Details of our projects with high profile clients

Our Companies

Arman is a Group of specific companies which can be brought together to provide a one stop building and contracting solution

  • Arman Group
  • Arman Building Contracting Co. LLC
  • Al Madar Metal & Aluminium Construction Factory
  • Arman Electrical Contracting LLC
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